DIF BoS 2020 Q3 Report

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Dash Investment Foundation Board of Supervisors 2020 Q3 Report

An election for Dash Investment Supervisors was completed in July. Darren Tapp and Hytham Abdel-Karim were elected to fill two supervisor roles. A third elected supervisor declined to accept. While the minimum two supervisors required by law was fulfilled, Michael Lewis agreed to continue in his role. Darren was onboarded as the only new DIF supervisor from the election.

Darren was elected chair by Hytham and Michael.

Ryan and Rodrigo were invited to DIF meetings to evaluate how they could contribute. A special meeting was held with only the three sitting supervisors, Darren, Hytham and Michael. At that meeting there was a unanimous vote to appoint Ryan and Rodrigo to fill two additional vacancies. The board is permitted to fill vacancies as required.

In September the DIF BoS met four times. We discussed these topics with the following conclusion.

  • Should the DIF run masternodes?
    • There was general agreement that the DIF should not run masternodes.
    • Running masternodes will tend to dilute other masternodes of the DAO and would lead to potential conflicts with ability to vote on DIF proposals with network-provided funding.
  • Set Goals
    • Mission and Vision for the organization should be made clear before taking any actions
    • General support for a balancing strategy among real assets
    • General support for investing in companies that support Dash’s growth
    • General support for acting as a DAO savings account (e.g., act a repository for the DAO to accumulate assets that it can vote to deploy toward investments)
  • Jacob form ReadyRaider attended a meeting and the DIF BoS formulated a response to a proposal from ReadyRaider.
    • Outcome was a MOU contingent on their proposal passing.
  • The DIF using reserves to improve mixing speed or privacy by providing mixing liquidity was discussed.
    • It is not clear weather providing more liquidity would speed up mixing experience of users significantly
    • Unanswered question about technical improvements being more helpful
    • Concern that transparency of the DIF might actually compromise mixing privacy.
  • The DIF started evaluating Quadency third week of September.
  • Three other opportunities were explored. We are still evaluating two of them.